Traditional Metal Braces with color ties


There is a reason why traditional metal braces have been around for so long, they are the most versatile, the most effective and the most reliable type of orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, metal braces have a bad reputation because they are visible and considered to be uncomfortable. Contrary to popular belief, metal braces are now more comfortable than ever and you have the option of adding colored elastics for a unique and customized look.

Clear Ceramic Braces with a Smile


Clear braces are translucent and designed to blend in with your natural tooth color and they can make patients feel much more confident about their appearance. While clear braces are a great alternative for patients who have esthetic concerns, they tend to be larger, more brittle, slightly more expensive than the metal braces. For these reasons, clear braces are usually used only on the upper front teeth.

Intra-oral Appliances - Expander and Elastics


Our doctors use variety of orthodontic appliances in addition to your braces. These appliances help straighten teeth, enhance jaw growth and support the braces process.

One of the most common ones we use is elastics (rubber bands). There are other types of appliances that you may encounter at our office, such as expanders, face mask, functional appliance and temporary anchorage devices. Please follow our doctors’ instructions and recommendations carefully. Successful orthodontic treatment is a partnership between the orthodontist and the patient.

Retainers - Hawley Acrylic with a metal bar, fixed permanent lingual and invisible retainers


Yay! You got your braces off. We worked very hard to straighten your teeth, let’s keep it that way. The use of retainers after braces is a crucial part of the continuing maintenance of teeth.

It is our strong belief that patients should wear retainers throughout their lifetime. Orthodontists say “wear your retainers as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.” That’d be a lifetime. We typically recommend wearing your retainers full-time for about 4-6 months then night-time afterwards.